SweetiePie Parenting was founded in 2009 by Lorri Reynolds to fill a void in the parent education realm.  Lorri's goal was to provide support for parents in very practical ways.  She began training with the Love and Logic® Institute, Inc. in order to add to her childcare magic.  The changes in kids' behavior, and her response, was profound; she wanted to pass that on to other parents.

Why SweetiePie Parenting?

We want to make classes as convenient and affordable as possible.  Here are the benefits of using SweetiePie Parenting to give you more parenting skills.

  • Free Retakes: Alumni of Early Childhood Parenting Made FUN! or Parenting (All Aged Kids) the Love and Logic Way®, receive unlimited retakes of their course.

  • Individual Consultation: Love and Logic parent coaching is available by appointment..

  • Locations: Classes are held all over the Greater Seattle / Puget Sound Area. If you don't find one close to you, call and we will schedule one.

  • Variety of Schedules: Classes are available mornings, mid-days, evenings, and weekends. When you host a Parenting Party you can arrange your own schedule.

  • Home-Groups: Home-group meetings can offer more flexibility in the schedule., provides a learning environment with your friends, and we come to you. The host receives their classes for free if 4 families are registered.

  • Affordable Classes: Classes have been priced to be affordable. (Ask about group or hardship rates.)


Lorri Reynolds
Trained Independent Facilitator of the Love and Logic® Curricula
Puget Sound Region, Washington

Lorri Reynolds is a trained independent facilitator of the Love and Logic® curricula, providing training to parents, teachers, nannies, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone else who spends time with kids.  Lorri's passion is to support families by providing tools for self-care, loving discipline, and helping raise respectful and self-reliant kids.

Lorri has been married to Rick for over 40 years and has been a parent for over 30 years. They live, work and play in the Central District of Seattle.

What people are saying...

Lorri is my "go-to person" when I have a question on how to address the behavior of one of my preschool aged children. She gives me hands-on solutions to try with my little ones.

I am in awe of Lorri every time I see her interact with my kids. She is kind, yet firm. They adore her, respect her and listen to her. They know that she cares about them, they know what she expects of them, and they aim to live up to that expectation. She certainly is someone that practices what she preaches.

As for the Love and Logic philosophy, I am a work in progress! After adding a new baby to our family, I needed some tools to help me manage. When I use the skills that I have learned from Lorri, my house is a peaceful place, where we can enjoy one another, have fun, and be happy. Lorri is an excellent and practical parent educator with years of experience.  If you have an opportunity to take one of her classes, I think you would benefit. She is a wonderful resource, and you can't beat the Love and Logic curriculum.

- KGH, Seattle

I started experimenting with the technique that Lorri taught me to deal with the non-stop arguing of my 6th grader... I can't believe how much calmer I am and how much more time I have now that I'm not spending time trying to explain EVERYTHING to him.

- Jason, Shoreline

Lorri's instruction of the Love and Logic parenting tools and techniques helped us immensely.

When our daughter was 2.5 we had Love & Logic coach, Lorri, come to our home - once a week for five weeks. We learned so much!  At our first meeting, I was in tears. I didn't think anything could work. My daughter was out of control and I was exhausted. Lorri gave me a big hug and told me things would change very soon if we were committed to this program. My daughter is so much happier and so am I! I can't recommend this program enough, and it was very affordable! We continue to use the techniques daily. I feel so happy that I have a solid parenting foundation, with tips and tricks that work pretty much 100% of the time, so long as we stay consistent!

- K & T - Rainier Beach, Seattle

Lorri has taken care of our daughter since she was 4 months old. I have been impressed by her ability to change her caregiver style to suit my daughter's developmental stages. When “M” was an infant, Lorri was amazingly patient, snuggling her for hours and talking to “M” about the things she was seeing.  It was amazing to see that as early as 6 months, Lorri was starting to use Love and Logic techniques to teach her to understand the consequences of behavior such as throwing the bottle.  As “M” got older, Lorri seemed to always have a clear sense of where she was developmentally, patiently and very kindly setting behavioral limits and expectations. Before she was 2 years old, “M” knew that, when she got home, she needed to take off her shoes and her coat, and put them in their place before going to play!  “M” loves her time with Lorri -- she talks about her often and sings songs that Lorri has taught her.  We are grateful to have such a kind, patient, skilled caregiver nurturing our child when we are at work.

- M & G, Capitol Hill

Lorri is a skilled parent educator with years of experience, as a mom, nanny and Love and Logic teacher. If you have an opportunity to take one of her classes, I know you would benefit .  She is a wonderful resource, and you can't beat the Love and Logic curriculum.

D. G., PhD - Bellevue

Lorri made a great impression with our Baby Peppers group.  She was responsive, engaging, informative and interesting.  She was able to demystify the challenging topic of toddler discipline, and our parents left far more confident approaching this topic than before. Thanks Lorri!

- Heather, Magnolia

I came to Lorri when my 3 year old daughter was exhibiting defiant behavior that was disrupting the entire family and driving me to the brink of insanity.  A friend of mine referred me to SweetiePie Parenting to me and I had known Lorri as a teacher at preschool summer camp, so I knew she was great with children, sweet and yet firm (which I admired).

A real benefit of Lorri’s parenting class was that BOTH my husband and I were able to attend. Starting from day 1, we were both on the same page and really support each other.

The first thing that I wanted addressed with our daughter was she her new habit of peeing on herself and all over the floor whenever she would get really mad and upset.  It would infuriate me since she was totally potty trained when she started this new behavior.  I was sure she was doing it just to make me mad!  Lorri gave me step by step instructions on what to do. It was amazing… after maybe 4 times, the peeing while throwing fits stopped.  As my daughter gets older, new problems arise and I soon will be taking the next course from Lorri; my husband and I can’t wait to put more parenting tools into our bag of tricks.  Lorri Reynolds is a wonderful parent resource to help keep you sane!

- Jessica & Brent - Seattle

Love and Logic strategies often feel un-natural.  Our first reaction is to comfort and console our children when they are in distress.  But Love and Logic and Lorri have helped us differentiate between their wants and needs.  Our children are happier and more confident in their own abilities because of it.

- Santos, Kirkland

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