Taming Tumultuous Teens (1207 M)


Taming Tumultuous Teens (1207 M)


Address: 1815 25th Ave. (Residence between E. Denny and E. Howell) Seattle Central District.

Taming Tempestuous Teens course will give you techniques, and tips for parenting pre-teens and teen agers.

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You will learn about:

  • Staying calm when faced with frustrating or infuriating behaviors
  • How to neutralize arguing and backtalk
  • Getting kids to listen the first time
  • Guidelines for developing effective logical consequences
  • How to setting enforceable limits without losing their love
  • How to get chores done without nagging, reminding, warning, or bribing
  • How to create a logical consequence when no natural one exists
  • Ways to allow kids to take ownership of solving their problems
  • ...And much more!